Azulai, Abraham

   North African kabbalist. Born in Fez, he emigrated to Hebron. He wrote three treatises on the Zohar and a kabbalistic work, Hessed le-Avraham.

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  • AZULAI, ABRAHAM BEN ISRAEL — (c. 1660–c. 1741), kabbalist. Azulai was born in Marrakesh. He was related to R. abraham b. mordecai azulai , and was the disciple of R. Isaac de Levayah and a friend of R. Solomon Amar II and R. Abraham ibn Musa. He lived for some time in Tetuan …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • AZULAI, ABRAHAM BEN MORDECAI — (c. 1570–1643), kabbalist. Azulai, who was born in Fez, first mastered the study of the Talmud and philosophic literature and then Kabbalah. He did not agree with the interpretations of the Zohar which his teachers provided, and he did not really …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • AZULAI — AZULAI, family of scholars and kabbalists of Castilian origin which settled in Fez, Hebron, and Jerusalem after the expulsion from Spain. abraham ben mordecai azulai (1570–1643), the kabbalist, is the first of the family whose works are known.… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • Abraham Azulai — (c. 1570 1643) (Hebrew: אברהם בן מרדכי אזולאי) was a Kabbalistic author and commentator born at Fez.BiographyThe expulsion of the Moors from Spain brought a great number of the exiles to Morocco, and these newcomers caused a civil war from which… …   Wikipedia

  • Abraham Amigo — (c. 1610 c. 1683) was a noted rabbi of Sepharadi descent. He lived in Palestine during the middle of the seventeenth century CE. Abraham was a contemporary of Moses ben Nissim Benveniste, the younger, author of the responsa, Sefer Pene Mosheh.… …   Wikipedia

  • Abraham ben Mordecai Galante — (died 1560) was an Italian kabalist born in Rome at the beginning of the 16th century. Abraham, like his father Mordecai and his brother Moses, rabbi of Safed, is represented by his contemporaries as a man of high character who led a holy life… …   Wikipedia

  • Azulai — ist der Name von: Abraham Azulai (1570–1643), Kabbalist, Autor und Kommentator Chaim Joseph David Azulai (1724–1807), Gelehrter, Dezisor, Kabbalist und Bibliograph Siehe auch Azoulay Diese Seite ist eine …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Abraham ben Levi Conque — (lived at Hebron, Palestine, in the second half of the seventeenth century) was a Jewish cabalist.Swayed by his cabalistic studies, Conque threw himself into the Shabbethaian movement around Shabbethai Ẓebi, and became one of the most earnest… …   Wikipedia

  • Abraham Saba — (1440 ndash; 1508) was a preacher in Castile who became a pupil of Isaac de Leon. At the time of the expulsion of the Jews from Spain he took refuge in Portugal, where he met with further misfortune; for scarcely had he settled in Oporto when… …   Wikipedia

  • ABRAHAM BEN ISAAC OF GRANADA — ABRAHAM BEN ISAAC OF GRANADA, Spanish kabbalist, putative author of Berit Menuḥah ( The Covenant of Rest ), one of the main works of the kabbalah . Nothing is known of his life or of the era to which he belongs. In the introduction to his… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

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